Hispanic Holidays: Semana Santa (Holy Week)


Photo source: http://www.burningwell.org

In most Latin American countries where Roman Catholic is the predominant religion, Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays in the year. The observance of Easter lasts a week, referred as Semana Santa (Holy Week), starting with Domingo de Palmas (Palm Sunday) and ending with Domingo de Pascua (Easter Sunday). The celebration of Semana Santa represents an opportunity for Hispanics for spiritual renewal, usually achieved by attending to mass and following Roman Catholics traditions or sacraments.

At the same time, Semana Santa is also a time used to gather and travel with immediate and extended family members. It is not uncommon to find an entire town or region on vacation.

In Mexico, for example, it is customary for employers to grant time off during the days of Semana Santa so that families can take this time to travel to beach destinations within the country.

For younger generations, in particular, Semana Santa is a time to travel and have fun with family and friends, a tradition that it is maintained even when living abroad.

From a marketing perspective, Holy Week represents good opportunity to promote social messages that could be linked to family values, personal improvement, and travel.


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